The purpose of a Visual Identity is to define and express one's individuality or group affiliation. It exists to communicate value to an audience through visual and verbal expression. You can touch it, feel it, taste it, hear it, see it and experience it.

Your brand is every effort you make to communicate who you are and what you do.

UNDERSTANDING THIS GUIDELINE provides you with a set of tools to successfully launch and manage your Brand Identity. Identity Guidelines is your central location where you have secure access to all of your core brand assets, and insight as to how they should be used to maintain consistency for your brand.

These are the basics of using the SACLA Brand. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact your brand administrator.

Primary Logo

Primary Logo



Minimum Size

Minimum Size


Letterhead and Business Card

Letterhead and Business Card

Folder (Outside)

Folder (Outside)

Folder (Inside)

Folder (Inside)


For the SACLA visual identity, each asset is available in alternate configurations to accommodate varying creative and functional applications. Each configuration is to be regarded as a whole unit and no piece of the logo should be altered in any way. Please be sure you comply with our usage guidelines.

Each composition is available for download in the appropriate format.




Primary Logo     .png    .eps

Primary Logo  .png  .eps

Primary Logo (Black)   .png    .eps

Primary Logo (Black)  .png  .eps

Primary Logo (White)   .png    .eps

Primary Logo (White)  .png  .eps


Primary Logo (No Tagline)   .png    .eps

Primary Logo (No Tagline)  .png  .eps

Primary Logo (No Tagline) Black   .png    .eps

Primary Logo (No Tagline) Black  .png  .eps

Primary Logo (No Tagline) White   .png    .eps

Primary Logo (No Tagline) White  .png  .eps


Icon   .png    .eps

Icon  .png  .eps

Icon (Black)      .png    .eps

Icon (Black)   .png  .eps

Icon (White)    .png      .eps

Icon (White)  .png  .eps


Secondary Logo   .png    .eps

Secondary Logo  .png  .eps


Typography can often be the glue that binds your brand together. We have selected the following fonts due to their suitable aesthetic and inherent legibility in both the digital and physical environment. All communication and display materials should use the approved typefaces.

TITLE: Source Sans Pro Bold

BODY: Source Sans Pro Regular

PULL QUOTE: Source Sans Pro Semibold Italic

Each font is licensed and strict user agreements do not allow us to host this font on Identity Guideline. Alternate fonts are standard system fonts and may already be loaded on your computer.

Primary Palette

Pantone: 179 C
CMYK: 3/91/84/0
RGB: 232/61/57
HEX: #E83D39

Pantone: 7627 C
CMYK: 23/95/81/15
RGB: 169/45/53
HEX: #A92D35

Pantone: 7578 C
CMYK: 3/74/86/0
RGB: 235/103/58
HEX: #EB673A

Pantone: 216 C
CMYK: 40/98/48/29
RGB: 125/29/73
HEX: #7D1D49

Pantone: 7411 C
CMYK: 2/42/66/0
RGB: 243/163/101
HEX: #F3A365

Pantone: Black 7 C
CMYK: 69/62/59/48
RGB: 61/61/63
HEX: #3D3D3F

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