For the EETP visual identity, each asset is available in alternate configurations to accommodate varying creative and functional applications. Each configuration is to be regarded as a whole unit and no piece of the logo should be altered in any way. Please be sure you comply with our usage guidelines.

Each composition is available for download in the appropriate format.

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Primary  .png    .jpg    .eps
Mono on White   .png    .jpg    .eps

Mono on White .png  .jpg  .eps

B/W on White    .png    .jpg    .eps

B/W on White .png  .jpg  .eps

Primary Acronym on White        .png    .jpg    .eps

Primary Acronym on White   .png  .jpg  .eps

Mono Acronym   on White        .png    .jpg    .eps

Mono Acronym on White   .png  .jpg  .eps

B/W Acronym on White        .png    .jpg    .eps

B/W Acronym on White    .png  .jpg  .eps

Primary Bug on White       .png    .jpg    .eps

Primary Bug on White   .png  .jpg  .eps

Mono Bug on White        .png    .jpg    .eps

Mono Bug on White   .png  .jpg  .eps

B/W Bug on White      .png    .jpg    .eps

B/W Bug on White  .png  .jpg  .eps

Illustration Pack          All Files

Illustration Pack   All Files

Primary on Colour    .png    .jpg    .eps

Primary on Colour .png  .jpg  .eps

Mono on Colour    .png    .jpg    .eps

Mono on Colour .png  .jpg  .eps

B/W on Black   .png    .jpg    .eps

B/W on Black .png  .jpg  .eps

Primary Acronym   on Colour        .png    .jpg    .eps

Primary Acronym on Colour   .png  .jpg  .eps

Mono Acronym   on Colour               .png    .jpg    .eps

Mono Acronym on Colour    .png  .jpg  .eps

B/W Acronym on White         .png    .jpg    .eps

B/W Acronym on White    .png  .jpg  .eps

Primary Bug on Colour              .png    .jpg    .eps

Primary Bug on Colour     .png  .jpg  .eps

Mono   Bug on Colour         .png    .jpg    .eps

Mono Bug on Colour    .png  .jpg  .eps

B/W Bug on Black       .png    .jpg    .eps

B/W Bug on Black  .png  .jpg  .eps