Venture Beyond is an intimate look at the humans of Jasper, Canada. The purpose of this Visual Identity is to define and express the individuality and group affiliation; in this case as a campaign effort to the greater Tourism Jasper brand. It exists to communicate what it means to 'venture beyond' to an audience through visual and verbal expression. As a place brand, you can touch it, feel it, taste it, hear it, see it and experience it.

Your brand is every effort you make to communicate who you are and what you do.

UNDERSTANDING THIS GUIDELINE provides you with a set of tools to successfully launch and manage your Brand Identity. Identity Guidelines is your central location where you have secure access to all of your core brand assets, and insight as to how they should be used to maintain consistency for your brand.

You will find the the hierarchy and relationships Venture beyond has to its parent brand, Tourism Jasper, as well as how it may be used and promoted via the people and shareholders of Jasper, Canada.

For all questions, please get in touch with your brand administrator.

The Catalyst

More than just a tagline, Venture Beyond is the spirit of Jasper. It's a feeling. It's a way of living. For this particular effort of capturing local stories and promoting them through relevant publications and online channels, there was a need to develop a memorable visual that paid homage to the birthplace of these stories: Jasper.


Primary Marks

Primary Wordmark

Primary Horizontal

Venture Beyond Tag



Consideration must be taken when promoting the As a general rule, as the parent brand will always take precedence over Venture Beyond. Where Venture Beyond appears as a primary effort, attribution will always be given to the parent website via the appropriate logo configuration and the 'powered by' language.


A unique voice, a unified language

Tourism Jasper doesn't own the call sign of "Venture Beyond" it belongs to its audience. It is as unique as the stories captured on Whilst the primary word mark in both compositions and the tag will always be present, there is opportunity to build more assets to compliment a story and display in a unique way the notion of venturing beyond.


Assets in context

  1. Venture Beyond URL standard
  2. Tourism Jasper standard lat / long application: 52°869170"N, -118°055116"W
  3. Venture Beyond Tag aligned to the top of the page
  4. Jasper Canada primary logo always present on outbound Venture Beyond materials
  5. "POWERED BY JASPER.TRAVEL" Always in all caps, always present. 

For the Wolfpack visual identity, each asset is available in alternate configurations to accommodate varying creative and functional applications. Each configuration is to be regarded as a whole unit and no piece of the logo should be altered in any way. Please be sure you comply with our usage guidelines.

Each composition is available for download in the appropriate format.

→ Download all logos

Primary Wordmark Black          .png     .eps

Primary Wordmark Black    .png   .eps

Primary Stacked Wordmark Black          .png       .eps

Primary Stacked Wordmark Black    .png   .eps

URL Wordmark Black          .png       .eps

URL Wordmark Black    .png   .eps

Venture Beyond Tag  Black      .png       .eps

Venture Beyond Tag Black  .png   .eps

Primary Wordmark White              .png           .eps

Primary Wordmark White     .png   .eps

Primary Stacked Wordmark White          .png       .eps

Primary Stacked Wordmark White    .png   .eps

URL Wordmark White      .png       .eps

URL Wordmark White  .png   .eps

Venture Beyond Tag   White        .png       .eps

Venture Beyond Tag White    .png   .eps

Secondary Assets           .eps

Secondary Assets    .eps

Typography can often be the glue that binds your brand together. We have selected the following fonts due to their suitable aesthetic and inherent legibility in both the digital and physical environment. All communication and display materials should use the approved typefaces.

H1, H3 & Pull quote: Berg

H2 & Body: Le Monde Courrier

Suitable System Replacements

Each font is licensed and strict user agreements do not allow us to host this font on Identity Guideline. Alternate fonts are standard system fonts and may already be loaded on your computer.

Corporate Palette

Pantone 7472 C
HEX: #4eb8b9
RGB: 78, 184, 185
CMYK: 65, 5, 30, 0

Pantone 3135 C
HEX: #008ca9
RGB: 0, 140, 169
CMYK: 80, 0, 10, 30



Pantone 542 C
HEX: #63a8cc
RGB: 99, 168, 204
CMYK: 60, 20, 10, 0

Pantone 370 C
EX: #66844d
RGB: 102, 132, 77
CMYK: 70, 40, 90, 0

Pantone 1645 C
HEX: #f37043
GB: 243, 112, 67
CMYK: 0, 70, 80, 0

Pantone 365 C
HEX: #b9d989
RGB: 185, 217, 137
CMYK: 30, 0, 60, 0

Pantone 138 C
EX: #e0861a
RGB: 224, 134, 26
CMYK: 0, 50, 100, 10

Cool Gray 11C
HEX: #656873
RGB: 101, 104, 115
CMYK: 60, 50, 40, 20

Pantone 1225 C
HEX: # f2c851
RGB: 242, 200, 81
CMYK: 5, 20, 80, 0

Warm Gray 2C
HEX: #ccc2c0
RGB: 204, 194, 192
CMYK: 20, 20, 20, 0

Pantone 349 C
HEX: #006f45
RGB: 0, 111, 69
CMYK: 100, 50, 100, 0

Pantone 315 C
HEX: #006679
RGB: 0, 102, 121
CMYK: 100, 60, 50, 0

Pantone 361 C
HEX: #4aae48
RGB: 74, 174, 72
CMYK: 73, 5, 100, 0

Pantone 7626 C
HEX: #c53526
RGB: 197, 53, 38
CMYK: 0, 90, 90, 20